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Thank you for  participation in this ecocycle program, saving Arizona Native Cacti from Dragoon Az. All plants are guaranteed to grow, some restriction may apply. Local delivery and planting service available.

We work with small-, medium-, and large-sized wholesalers and retail customers to supply them with Cacti & succulents. Start your next ecocycle project now.


Agaves                    Ocotilloes

Barrels                    Ocotillo -

Chollas                    Living 

​                                  Fence

Desert Spoons       

Hedgehogs             Shade

Nolinas                     Panels

​                                  Yuccas

Plant Relocation

Eco Revegagatation

Nursery Design & Fabrication

Irrigation Design& Fabrication

​Rain Water Harvesting



BK Cacti

BK Cacti can conduct:

Endangered Species


Native Plant Surveys

Native artifact and archaeological surveys

Installed Ocotillo Fence Panels

 BK Cacti supplies a vast amount of Arizona Native Cacti and succulents, check for availability and quantities. We also construct Living Ocotillo Fence Panels.

All Cacti are Harvested and/ or rescued with the least amount of environmental disturbance and impact. Most removal is by physical hand labor,

All Cacti removal are allowed by strict regulations under the State of Arizona Department of Agriculture, Native Plant Protection Division.Each Cacti is tagged with a state issued tag.

Ocotillo living fence made to order

Cacti Wrangler Extraordinaire

What makes us different from any other supplier of Ocotillo Fence? Well first we've been crafting Ocotillo Fence and Ramada Panels right here in Arizona for over 40 years. We don't harvest our Ocotillo cane until you place your order. We hand craft the panels 6.5' x 6' giving you a 6' high fence once planted with the best ability to regenerate growth. Our fresh Ocotillo canes are woven side by side to create a dense, lush panel that is quite unique!

The same care applies to our Ramada Panels which are designed to create an even shade pattern once installed.

Need a custom problem we can meet your needs.

Looking Forward to hearing from you so we can answer all your questions.